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Galactic Starfighter Expansion

Revenseti, Oct 13, 13 11:17 AM.

Patch 2.0 New Abilities

Revenseti, Mar 17, 13 5:28 AM.

Terror from Beyond Dev Dispatch

Revenseti, Sep 10, 12 2:03 PM.

Sanguine Blades in Denova

MagonusAlexander, Jul 13, 12 1:56 PM.
Denova Trial Runs

Due to our very successful​ new ops schedule we have gotten geared up to start running Denova. Sunday and Wednesday
​ ​we ran Denova for the 1st time and had decent success. It was quite a steep learning curve and we had to do makeup runs the next night on both runs, but we managed to down the 1st three bosses. Now though I can say that we have a solid grasp of the fights and should be able to handle them much better. We still have yet to fight the final boss but I am sure that we will succeed eventually. Good job blades soon we will be doing hard mode and get that campaign gear!

New ops schedule a success!

MagonusAlexander, Jun 26, 12 3:52 PM.
​New Ops Schedule a big win!

As most of you know we recently changed our ops schedule because saturdays ended up being a bad night. So far it has helped allot. We have had great attendance on both ops nights for the past three weeks. Because of this our members are getting geared up nicely and we have been able to start hard mode ops. We have successfully cleared both EV and KP on hard mode!
With things going as they are we will be taking on the new ops soon and should finally get caught up.

Not only have we had excellent attendance but members have also been showing up early.
So we have been able to start on time almost every night or in some cases early.
There have been some members that have been left out because they are showing up late.
For this all I can say is please try to be on time for ops if you intend to run.
If you want to run and know you might be late send me a mail in game so I will know.
Keep in mind though I will not make the rest of the group wait too long for one member.
Thank you and lets hope our success continues.
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